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UN GOAL (16): Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Flagged is part of a campaign with the goal to raise awareness of the diversity of the people in Bournemouth and encourage people to push past their known stereotypes and expand their worldview, getting to know one another better. 

Due to the prominence of media today, most of society’s perception of one another begins with a stereotype or an opinion. Whilst this can be positive, such opinions and perceptions without experiencing one another as individuals can lead to misconceptions, then to prejudice, then to division and inequality. 

This can be changed by the mere act of getting to know the different people and cultures around you. We will conduct a social experiment where we ask members of the public to tell us their perceptions of a range of flags and symbols we show them, that we’ve associated with various individuals, and then we’ll ask the individuals tied to a flag to describe themselves and determine whether the public’s opinion matches their true nature.

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